May 15, 2019 By Mendy Ciment

A Few Minutes with Israel’s Largest Egg Distributor

How long have you been servicing Oneg Shabbos V’Yom Tov?

We’ve been with Rabbi Stern since the very beginning. At first he would just order a few cases of eggs, but over the years, Rabbi Stern became our biggest customer in the Pesach season. We brought 4 truckloads of eggs here, this season.

What is your impression of the Pesach Chalikehs?

Oh there’s so much to say! This Pesach Chalikah makes me proud to be Jewish. Even though I’m not religious, and there is often clashes between the chareidim and chilonim, when you witness this kind of chesed, it’s impossible not to have respect and pride.

What is your favorite part of it?

I oversee the distribution of Tenuva’s egg distribution, and I never get so involved, but for R’ Ephraim’s chalikeh I come down myself every year. I stand with the volunteers and I feel tremendous joy being able to hand out trays of eggs to impoverished families. The feeling of such raw kindness is hard to describe.

What’s your message to people who are reading this?

My message to people reading this is to take part! This kind of project doesn’t happen every day, and you don’t always have the opportunity to be a part of something so large. Don’t sit back. Donate a Box today.